Meet the Alta Vista Team

All of our Home Inspectors are certified by the Arizona Board of Technical Registration. They have passed the rigorous State requirements for education and practical experience to become Arizona State Certified Home Inspectors. Additionally, Alta Vista Inspectors undergo extensive in-house training and participate in continuing education to stay current with developing issues.

Our inspectors are also required to have “hands-on” work experience in residential construction techniques. If they discover an unsatisfactory condition during your home inspection, they can suggest methods to resolve the situation. We take the time to explain the significant inspection findings during the on-site inspection summary.

We have inspected thousands of homes in Arizona, so we are familiar with construction methods that are unique to Arizona.

We are proud to introduce you to the Alta Vista Team…

Ron Peters, Inspector Arizona State Certified Home Inspector #38106
Ron has been doing home inspections since 1995. In that time, he has done over 10,000 inspections, including resale home inspections and commercial building inspections. He is an Arizona State Certified Home Inspector and member of ASHI. These days, Ron is primarily responsible for managing the Alta Vista office and marketing. In his spare time, Ron enjoys hanging out with Sandy, his SO. They both enjoy flying, skiing, scuba diving, camping, hiking and whatever adventure presents itself. They have a “rescue dog” named Anya and a tortoise named Franklin.

Thom Stolkey, Inspector Arizona State Certified Home inspector #40592.
Thom is originally from Michigan and arrived in Arizona 16 years ago. Thom gained experience building custom homes during his eight years in Park City, UT. He has been a home inspector since 2004 and joined the Alta Vista Team in 2014. He has a degree in Transportation/Logistics Management from Kent State University and worked in that industry for many years; however, has found life as a home inspector much more enjoyable. As he likes to say, “It’s very rewarding to assist people with their decision to purchase a particular home and create an understanding that they can be comfortable with that selection, going forward.” Outside of work, Thom has interests in snow skiing, racket ball, swimming, the outdoors and rescue animals.

Mark Funicello, Inspector – Arizona State Certified Home Inspector# 66153.
Mark can usually be found on a roof or looking under a kitchen sink, but occasionally he’s been known to do some marketing events as well.  In his spare time Mark enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, backpacking, home improvement projects, welding, and all types of general tinkering.  With his wife Nicole, they’re busy raising their two kids, Anna and Gus, taking care of their tortoise Shelly, cats Buddy and Fleck as well as collecting eggs from their 10 chickens and harvesting fruits and veggies from their backyard farm.