I must reiterate that your presence at the walk-thru gave me a tremendous amount of confidence and security. Though you were not threatening or intimidating, I know [The Builder] felt very much that their building standards were being thoroughly scrutinized and I do contend that, that kind of scrutiny did improve the quality of their workmanship.
Diane Schmedes

Thanks for the good work and all of your help.
Larry Rank

Eric did an outstanding job, in fact the property owner was impressed and commented on his knowledge. This inspection was worth every penny to have someone like Eric show me everything about the house. You have an excellent employee.
Milton Lentz

I have used your services twice and referred 2 friends. In all cases your services were outstanding. I will continue to use Alta Vista for my investment purchases.
Mark Judiscak

Always a pleasure to work with Ron. He brings a level of professionalism and knowledge unequaled in the industry. He definitely makes me look good!
Dawn Suzanne

Thanks Ron for an outstanding inspection. I will definitely use Alta Vista for my future home.
Susan Hong

Inspector was very friendly and courteous. I’m glad that I contacted your company to obtain this inspection. Items were definitely discovered and pointed out by the inspector that I would not have caught or discovered.
Thank You!
Dale Schneider

I would not hesitate to recommend Eric to a friend.
Mark Gula

You guys are excellent!
Brian Daumke

Even our builder was impressed with the report, specifically the format and the way the pictures were incorporated into it. All issues identified were legitimate concerns, not nit-picky filler eant to pump up the length of the report. This makes the process very credible and fair, and the builder will handle all issues without dispute.
Thank you very much.
Sheryl Sambrooke

Very pleased with Eric! Very professional and knowledgeable.
Thanks so much – and I will tell everyone!
Dawn Craig

Eric Coakley does a great job. I will refer him to anyone I know buying or selling a home. I have also given his card to many professional associates. He is a great asset to your firm.
David Vermette

Eric was a cut above other Home Inspectors I’ve worked with in the past.
Susan Voss

Eric is wonderful – very knowledgeable and thorough. He really goes out of his way to help my clients and to be helpful to me. As long as Eric and Ron are part of Alta Vista it will always be my first choice for home inspections!
Cassandra Ewer, Keller Williams

Your inspector was absolutely wonderful!!! Very friendly and professional. Highly recommendable!
Latrisha Centers

You came highly recommended, and we can see why. You did a super job.
Alan Sattler and Bradley Muff

As you know there were two backup full price offers. The value of the report and your expertise allowed us to become educated on the systems in our new house – that was worth your fee! The report encouraged the seller to fix the electrical problems noted, w/out any questions asked. Thanks for all your assistance w/the purchase of our house.
Doug and Steph Leventhal

I was extremely satisfied with the on-site inspection and the inspection report.
Dawn Timmons

I learned a great deal in this home inspection. I will definitely recommend you!
Cindy Evans

Well worth our money.
Stan and Annette Zalewski

I was very pleased with your inspector. I was very surprised of how knowledgeable he was. I learned more about homes and my husband learned a few things too. The written report was great. I was very surprised that everything was written out and really liked the thoroughness and care that went into the report/inspection. Thank you for all your help. We will definitely recommend you to our friends.
Joe & Shanti Hinsberg

Thank you again for the terrific service.
Jeanette Hauser

Your inspector was wonderful. He answered all my questions, then some. I will definitely refer Alta Vista to my friends!
Marvella Smith and Brett Jackson

I have given your card to my new insurance agent, as he often gets requests for good home inspectors. Thank you again. Your service was above exceptional!
Elaine Geiger

Thanks for everything, it was a pleasure.
Pete and Diane Martinez

You are mundo wow as an inspector. Thanks!! I’ll tell everyone I know about you! Keep up the great work!.
Steve and Germaine Cabe

The inspection was very thorough. The hard copy inspection was done very professionally and easy to read. I would recommend Alta Vista to anyone. Great job.
Lee and Victoria Hall

I want to extend a special thanks to Ron Peters! He was so very polite and helpful. I got great service and I’m a very happy customer. Ron is the kind of person I would be proud to have represent me, he really seemed to care about me as a customer. I found this very refreshing! Ron certainly [deserves] a pat on the back. Keep up the good job, Ron.
Annie Sin

I felt the report was very helpful and professionally done. I’m glad it was done.
Lawanda Toombs

Thanks for the great job. Your help was appreciated. If you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by.
Todd Trenasty

The inspection showed no major problems, so that it’s value was to my peace of mind. I did not attempt to negotiate the price re the items found as my Realtor was discouraging (counter offer pending) I enjoyed your approach to answering my questions. Many times men talk down to a woman regarding home/housing issues and he did not do that. I would recommend him to a friend.
Pat Provence

I liked the photographic log and the ASHI home tips in the back of the report. I was also impressed with the thoroughness of the inspection.
Thank you.
Tim Gocza

Ron was great! He has helped make us feel confident with the purchase of this home! Thank you!
B.J. and Nichole Holloway

Thank you very much for helping Brett and me decide on purchasing this house. The owners have agreed to fix all of the high capital problems.
Brian and Jenifer Weskalnies

Very excellent job. Buyers and Realtor were totally impressed with the speed of the final report.
Thank you.
Don and Donna Kehoe

First time buyers. Not very knowledgeable in all that’s required, although we did feel Ron did a thorough check! Very knowledgeable in work! Answered all of our questions. Very satisfied.
Nick and Norma Gilliam

Thank you so much for our excellent service! I was able to get [The Builder] to generate a formal defect repair commitment letter and they have already addressed most of the problems you found! It was a pleasure to meet you and I will certainly recommend you to friends, neighbors and office associates.
Thanks and take care,
Debra Francis

Extremely professional. Highly recommended.
Odell and Kristy L’Heureux

I will recommend Alta Vista to anyone buying a home. It is refreshing to do business with competent people who take pride in their work.
Christine Welch

Great job, excellent report, your entire service was extremely professional.
Charles and Alexandra Phinizy

Very happy with the service and I will recommend your company.
Thank you.
Bernardo and Valerie Rivera

Ron was great in thoroughly explaining everything to us. He was very patient and professional. The written report was also very complete and professional. The color photographs are great references and will help in negotiating repairs. Thanks!
Brian and Jennifer Black

I am thankful that you did such a complete home inspection. I feel much more confident about the house I am about to buy.
Stuart and Anne Booth

Very well done, I will always recommend Alta Vista.
Garret Gerhard Boykin

I was very pleased with your skills and thoroughness. Best wishes for success.
Mike and Tammy Wrubel

Very good job!
Bill and Edna Hillard

I thought Ron was very helpful during the inspection. He really took his time to explain to me everything he was looking for and what he expected to see and why. He made me feel very comfortable with my home purchase! I will recommend him to anyone needing a home inspection!!!
Tracy Fleming

Due to the fact I was in Colorado at the time of inspection, all I can say is that everything was covered professionally both by phone and fax – I am sure because of my experience I would recommend Alta Vista to everyone.
Jan Pason

Ron did a very good job & we would refer him to our friends. (Not if they are trying to sell of course!) Thanks a lot Ron.
Matt and Mitzi Bauer

I have no comment but I think that your inspector did a excellent job and he knows his job very well.
Tony and Jesus Ortiz

Many repairs were agreed upon by the sellers prior to the written report, so it didn’t really aid in negotiation, but it gives us an excellent idea regarding what to look for to verify the repairs have been made. I will be sure to take it along on our final walk – through. Thanks for all your valuable information and your discounted fee!
Dave and Christine Merritt

Very satisfied with the inspector and inspection.
Lloyd and Candice Blackburn

Inspection was very helpful. As a 1st time buyer, it provided a lot of good information.
John Wamala

This is the second time we have used Ron. He does an exceptional job in every way.
Toni and Tom Burns

Your inspector did an outstanding job in inspecting and explaining what he was doing. Your company is quite fortunate to have such a person working for you. Thanks for all your work.
Michael and Marilyn Lindley

I thought the entire process was great. I wish I could have been there upon completion, like Ron requested to understand the full realm of the inspection. The report was a very valuable tool.
Pat and Darci Passarella

I thought Ron was very personable. He explained everything in a very understandable way. The inspection was well worth the time and money. I highly recommend Alta Vista to anyone. Ron was great!
Chris Berry

Thank you for your services!
Steve and Julie Gosselin

We could not be more pleased. What a true professional!
Gerard and Rita Lawlor

Inspection worthwhile, just to know that there are no major problems.
Dale and Patricia Blankenship

Thank you so much for all your thoughts and for your fast report to [my real estate agent] and me.
You are the best!
Dorothy Hernandez

Ron Peters was a joy to work with. My wife & I will personally recommend Ron to others for his services. Thank you again Ron, and God Bless.
James and Glinda Moore

Overall, inspection was great. We are very satisfied and will recommend.
Fred and Wendy Bellows

We are 1st time homebuyers and not knowledgeable about all the things you need to do and know. Your inspector was more than helpful, very, very thorough in his inspection. I would highly recommend him to a friend or family member.
Thank you.
Traci Smith

We were very pleased with both the inspection and the inspector. The inspector demonstrated a high degree of proficiency during the inspection of our home. Thank you again!
Eric and Diane Keller

I felt the inspection was very worth the cost, you found things I would of never known of. I have already told a couple of neighbors. Thanks again for a great job!
Greg and Donna Stillman

Excellent Inspector!
Gerhard and Ann Rivera

The inspection was very thorough and I appreciate the detailed report. I would definitely refer you to others. Thank you.
Susan Ferraro

I will definitely recommend you to others!
Dan Kuykendall

Michael and I thank you very much for this detailed inspection on our new house. We would not hesitate to refer you to anyone. This is very impressive work!
Thank you.
Julie and Mike Malicke

Ron Peters is excellent in his knowledge of home inspection. I was extremely impressed with his courtesy, patience and helpful hints. $ was well “invested”
Monica Oberuc

We are extremely impressed by the professionalism that you displayed in inspecting our home. The issues that you listed were valuable in the negotiations with the sellers. I have also recommended your services to my friends and colleagues. If you want, you can send me some of some of your business cards & I will distribute them.
Bishnu and Ruth Gogoi

We would use Alta Vista for all future inspections as the report was very useful in the buying of our home.
Daniel Mayoros

The inspector was really nice and had full comprehension of what he was doing. A very pleasant and professional young man!
Nord and Jean Young

I have shown my inspection report to a lot of people and everyone has been very impressed! In fact, if you would like to send me some of your business cards, I will be sure to give you any referrals that I hear about. I learned a lot about my new home when you walked me through and that helped me feel a lot more comfortable about this decision I made. I am actually going it completely alone for the first time in my life!!
Cathy Tuttle

Your inspector did a great job. We appreciate all of the knowledge he passed along to us.
Joe and Kristi Knapp

A wonderful experience and great value for money.
Justin Moore

Ron was very personable and explained the inspection in lay terms. I would recommend his services to friends and family. It was nice working with you Ron!
Elsie Welp

With Ron doing this inspection, I feel totally confident that he found all of the flaws, dings, cracks, scratches, etc. there was to find! His explanation of all the things mechanical, electrical, etc. was very clear, even I understood what he was talking about. Thank you, I am completely satisfied I got my money’s worth, plus some!
Susan Steyart

This inspection service was performed for a seller in Houston, Texas so reliability was essential in this case. Although I did have a local resident present on the day of the inspection, the expertise of Mr. Peters was of critical importance. Thanks.
Walt and Karen Nellis

Even the seller thought you were great and they plan to use you in the future.
Andy Starr

We thank you for the very efficient and professional manner that you handled our estimate. We will be happy to recommend you to our friends.
John and Leone Thompson

The inspection went very well. We were impressed with your inspector’s knowledge and willingness to answer any questions that we had. He also explained any problems or possible future problems both during the inspection and in the report. It was definitely worth the cost of the inspection.
Chad and Sarah Rowley

Our inspector did an excellent job. We were very pleased. Bruno and Jennifer Schmitt For the first time I felt like I got what I paid for plus more. I really felt good after the inspection. We will be using your service again real soon. Thanks.
Mark and Angela Duhon

Report was very well done!
Dianne Kirschman

Great job! Thanks.
Randy Gallant

This was one of those few times when you end up getting a lot more than what you expect! We are so glad we had this done! Your inspector was very thorough as well as friendly. He answered all my questions and explained things carefully! Thanks!
Susan Sebba

I was completely satisfied and would recommend Alta Vista to friends. I did not obtain a competitive quote because I felt comfortable after speaking with Ron.
Paul Hadley

Your inspector was absolutely outstanding! He was extremely flexible in scheduling and willing to accommodate difficult rescheduling arrangements. His manner in explaining things and answering questions was very detailed and specific. He was particularly polite and extra courteous. The report was very well formatted and easy to read. I am very happy and definitely recommend him to my friends!
Rene’ White

Very satisfied 🙂
Joana Ziuraitis

Thank you for your services. We will be using you again.
Michal and Keith Joyner

I choose Alta Vista because I was impressed with the inspector’s work when he was inspecting the home I am selling. The thoroughness was impressive and I knew this was the level of inspection I wanted for the home I was purchasing. I expressed my opinion to my Realtor and have supplied her with the name and phone number. I have also told other friends, of the quality of inspection, as they too are looking to move. I loved the maintenance booklet supplied in the back of the report. I feel secure knowing the problems I have to face in my new home. Thxs
Carol Brand

We could not be more satisfied with the inspection and the inspector.
Bill and Charlotte Gavigan

Thanks for your help Ron. We couldn’t be happier with the inspection. We move into the house tomorrow.
David and Eleanor Meigs

The report led me to ask questions of the proper people so I felt comfortable backing out of a home I had my heart set on. I had thought about not using an inspector to save money. That would be foolish I learned. I plan to come out around the mid part of June to look for another house and hope to use the same inspector.
Reverend Floyd Anderson

I will tell people I know how excellent your inspection and service has been. Thank you.
Milad Khorrami

Great job! Thanks very much.
Scott Germain

Ron did a great job. Have already referred him and will continue to do so!
Joseph David
We’ll tell our friends! – excellent
Troy and Tana Oliphant

It is good to know about the things that may pose a problem in the future and of course any safety issues. Thanks.
Ann and Mark Goldblum

Worth the cost – saved us from purchasing a home potentially fraught with problems. Very thorough. Will use service again. Thank you.
Craig and Judy Outten

Thank you! This was the most thorough inspection we’ve been involved with. Your explanations were very easy to understand.
Janet and Bart BeauLieu

I really like having the full report that shows pictures, lists why they are a hazard and explains in detail what needs to be done. Ron was definitely worth the cost. He was extremely thorough and made it easy for me to understand. Thank you!!
Cheri Rieder

Ron, you did a very thorough job during the inspection and the report is the best I’ve ever seen. I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know who needs an inspection. Thank you for the wonderful job you did!
Jing and Calvin Xia

Appreciate your work, that is why I have come back.
Reverend Floyd Anderson

I appreciate you coming out so far to do the report. You were so helpful and kept us from making a very expensive mistake. The owners were willing to negotiate I’m told, however we declined. If we had picked an inferior inspector, I shiver to think what would have happened. Of course I will recommend you and hope you will make the trip for us again if needed.
Thanks again,
Joanne Luna

You’re the best!! Thank you!
Cristina Rohrbough

Although I did not attend the on site inspection, I filled this out the best I could. Thank you for the thorough inspection of our potential new home. The information we received was invaluable in correcting problems and making our final decisions.
Tom Messer

Your inspector did an excellent job. We would highly recommend him to others. Report was used for discussion with builder and along with pictures resulted in getting the house improved.
Ken and Mary Wolf

I was very pleased and comfortable with the whole process. I’m a first time home buyer and it was so nice to have so much explained. I am happy and confident purchasing my new home. Thank you for your outstanding service!
Sue Stoiber

Ron was very helpful with explaining all the inspection[s] with us. Very thorough with the inspection.
Tanya and Dave Sandoval

Whenever a need for an inspection comes up, we’ll not hesitate to contact Alta Vista.
Thank you.
Joe Fraser

I was very pleased with your service Ron.
Thank you.
Brett Schwanbeck

Will refer when I have the opportunity.
Margaret Whittaker

Very pleased, not a single bad thing!
Jeff Karau

I would highly recommend you to other people I know. You do a wonderful job in all respects of the inspection. Should you have business cards, please send them. Anyone I run into that is looking for a home, I will hand them your card. Thanks again.
Shayne Catrone

Professional, personable, detached analysis of existing conditions of property. Special attention notes on safety concerns. Great Job!
Stanley and June Patterson

Very Professional, better than I had expected. Dave Poulson Ron was very thorough, detailed, and knowledgeable. This money was well spent for the peace of mind I will have after this major purchase.
Nick Torrez

Very Good inspection, Thank You.
Ron Davenport

Alta Vista is a truly professional firm, run by professional people. The reports from Alta Vista are high quality and inspire confidence.
Tom Edwards

The inspector was very good he pointed out things that I did not notice when I did my walk through.
Gastavo Raygoza

Your company is the BEST. Thank you.
Phillip Penza

GREAT JOB, Thank you.
Chris and Christine Agnos

I thought the report was excellent and concise. I particularly liked the digital pictures, which documented the problems at hand.
Brian Chang

Your inspection was very thorough and complete. Thank you again for a job well done.
Ina Pijar

I was very satisfied with the quality of service supplied and will recommend Ron’s services to my friends. The presentation by Ron with the digital camera was very beneficial. Thank you again for the excellent service provided.
Adrian Evarkiou

We are very pleased with your services and will recommend you to our friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Wiesler

Your inspector did a commendable job and was very thorough.
James and Ellen Cross

Even though we where unable to be present for the summary, our agent was there and stated what a thorough job you had done.
Bob and Ellie Raymer

It was great to have you do another home for us. Since this is our new business, expect a call from us in the near future to do more inspections.
Mr. and Mrs. Leventhal

I was very pleased with my one-year home inspection. Ron was very professional in every aspect. I recommend Alta Vista.
Greg Johnson

I would recommend Alta Vista inspection services to my family and friends. Ron was a gentleman and a professional.
John Cittle

Thanks, Ron. You were most helpful and gave me peace of mind and the ammunition to get the best repairs I could.
Sue Kaminskas

The best inspection I have ever had on a building, Thank you.
Susan Evarkiou

Wonderful job and presentation of the report.
Scott Lucius

We are very impressed with the service. Also with the information that we received, it was easy to read. We will recommend Alta Vista to other people.
Lynn and Elisabeth Reynolds

Your inspector did a wonderful job.
Greg Liebertz

My sister had you come out, who also lives in the area. My friends and parents will be calling you for their inspections also.
Douglas Ferguson

The inspection was well worth the money. Ron found items I probably would not have found.
Alan and Mary Lakomskis

Very good inspection-professional, will use Alta Vista again.
Eric and Marvenia Jenkins

Either way it goes, you’re going to save me a heck of a lot of money on this house and I appreciate it. Patrick Mixon Thank you for your attention to detail, your professionalism and your overall approach. I would be glad to recommend you to friends and associates.
Jeff Henson

* Yes, this is really what our customers think of the service we provide. All comments are direct quotations from customer survey forms that we include with the inspection reports. The original customer survey forms are available for review.   Our business is built upon referrals, if you are happy with the service we provide, please tell your family and friends. If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, please tell us.